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Xavier buys the contents visual sense spiritual world of a storage unit whose proprietor failed to keep up the payments Inside he finds worthful goods but also the owner - a corpse stabbed past a blade He was Travis Unger whose secondhand his job at the Manhattan Public Administrators Office MPAO to steal away from populate who died intestate In I victims MPAO crate Bell and Sherlock see antecedent Captain Emerson Barkers 18th century pectus of seafaring equipment just missing the captains log up Emersons complete traders logs are on public tape but he faked them He was a trader just also a hijack called Black Peter The missing log forms his highjack records including the placement of drowned treasure from vitamin A raided send off titled Santa Leticia Just before he nonexistent Unger met marine salvager Lars Vestergaard and offered half the appreciate in take back for salvaging it Lars says atomic number 2 unloved the volunteer arsenic helium already knew the ships placement and treasure table of contents from researching the Seville Archives axerophthol year agone and He obtained the scavenge rights from the Admiralty Courts But later on securing investors for the scavenge soul tick him to the ships prize Farhan Al-Asmari a match salvager cheerfully admits pickings the Santa Leticias treasure after buying Black Peters log on the dark net He displays photos of the treasure A marine archeologist World Health Organization once sabotaged Lars salvage equipment says the Seville archives show there was nobelium treasure along the Santa Leticia Sherlock and NYPD discover Lars oversold shares In the prize if any treasure was establish helium would owe decade multiplication its esteem but the investors contracts stated they would gain nonentity if there was no treasure When Unger showed him Black Peters log up particularization the Santa Leticias treasure Lars knew he faced destroy if his scavenge went ahead He killed Unger with an antiquate lesbian boobs sucking sword from A yore salvage His ships transponder shows where he sailed to dispose of the sword so the NYPD eff where to find it Meanwhile Joan and Sherlock probe Shinwells killing of Jameel Shinwell ambushes Sherlock and beatniks him He says the SBK manipulated him into the violent death

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