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Another describe of prove comes from cross-cultural analyses indicating that wind up -stereotyped patterns of course pick and occupational selection vary from one body politi to other. For model, female registration atomic number 49 12th-grade mathematics classes cyber sex lesbian ranges from 22% in Japan to 52% atomic number 49 Thailand ( Hanson, Schaub, & Baker, 1996; see too Davenport et aluminium., 1998). Female enrollment in natural philosophy classes ranges from 13% In Japan to 52% in Thailand, with the United States astatine 22% ( Hanson et aluminum., 1996). For students planning to major atomic number 49 mathematics or skill in college, the range is from 13% female person atomic number 49 Japan to 38% female atomic number 49 Canada, with the United States At 28%. These variations closely twin the symmetry of women exploited atomic number 3 scientists in those countries.

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